Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Physiotherapists may work in settings such as:

- child development centres
- community health centres
- fitness centres, health clubs or spas
- government and health planning agencies
- home care
- continuing care facilities
- hospitals and rehabilitation centres
- physiotherapy clinics and multidisciplinary clinics (for example pain clinics)
- schools
- sport and recreation facilities
- gynaecologist
 *Physiotherapist may advance to supervisory or management positions in large organization, or move into teaching and research positions.

Physiotherapist needs the following characteristics:

- a genuine interest in helping people
- the interpersonal skills, patience, empathy and ability to motivate and encourage people
- good health and physical stamina
- good co-ordination and manual dexterity
- analytical and problem solving skills
- good organizational skills
- good oral and written communication skills
- a positive outlook
*They should enjoy developing and implementing innovative health promotion programs and dealing with people. Besides that, without a doubt, physiotherapist requires hard work and preseverance.

Physiotherapy profession concerned with the health and well-being of patients. Being an occupation dealing with healthcare, the profession itself is associated with the public interest. It is highly ideal that physiotherapy continues to grow and evolve. This can be done through intensive research and of course, through continuous promotion of the career. This type of service is full of opportunities and the benefits can be very rewarding. People interested will find that a career in physiotherapy can be rich with knowledge and application.

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