Monday, January 10, 2011

Qualification for Physiotherapy in Malaysia

After SPM
 For SPM student who want to further study in Diploma Physiotherapy, the important subjects in Physiotherapy are:
·         Mathematics
·         English
·         Biology
·         Chemistry
For those subjects, student must at least get credit. In Physiotherapy, Biology is the most important because we need to study all the muscles in our body, how does the contraction of the muscles occur and how can we palpate the muscles. These all is related with Biology. However, the SPM result will be compared with other person and the highest one will be chosen.

After Diploma and Matriculation
To further in Degree after the Diploma, the student must get the CGPA at least 3.0 and above and for post-matriculation, CGPA must be at least 3.5 and above. However, for those who are post-diploma, they only need to finish their study in 2 and half years. Compared with post-matriculation, which is 4 years. This is because almost the syllabus for diploma and degree are same. In UiTM, there is a fast way to further study in Degree that is called fast tract. Fast tract is only for Diploma student who gets CGPA 3.5 and above. This student will further in Degree semester 3.

After Degree
The same goes for Master. Post-degree student is also need to achieve CGPA at least 3.0 and above. For Master, there is more specific in study such as:
·         Master in physiotherapy in musculoskeletal disorder and sport
·         Master in physiotherapy in neurological and psychosomatic disorder
·         Master in physiotherapy in cardio-respiratory disorder
·         Master in physiotherapy in commonly rehabilitation
·         Master in physiotherapy in pediatrics
It will be extended over a period of two continuous years on a full time basis.

After Master
In PhD, it is more to the research. Same goes for Master. CGPA that is needed is also 3.0 and above. The minimum duration of PhD courses or the said full time PhD students shall be three years. The research usually related with orthopedics, neurology and cardiology.

·         By interviewing the lectures ( Puan Fadia Razali and Puan Farhana )


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  3. Hi can I pls know why do we need chemistry? Can physics be counted instead of chemistry?