Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Info about scholarship for physiotherapy:

1: Malaysia’s Public Service Department (JPA)
Scholarship Terms and Conditions
1.   Only open to Malaysian citizens
2.   Be aged 18 years (or 19 years if a transition student) and below
3.   Minimum grade of A2 for Malay Language, History and Moral Education/Islam Education.
4.   Must be of good health and free from any critical disease such as AIDS, Hepatitis, HIV, etc.

2: Star Education Fund
Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • Malaysian citizens of not more than 25 years of age as at 1st January 2009.
  • Excelled in extra-curricular activities & active in sports.
  • Not be bonded to or in receipt of any financial aid or awards from other educational institutions or organizations.
  • For Foundation / Diploma courses, applicants must possess reasonably good results in the SPM / UEC or equivalent.
  • For the Higher and Advanced Diploma / Degree courses, applicants must possess reasonably good results in the STPM / A-Level / UEC or equivalent.

3: MARA Scholarship
Scholarship Terms and Conditions

1.    Bumiputera, Malaysian citizen: Definition of Bumiputera – If one of the parents is a Malay and practicing Islam or Bumiputera (aborigines/indigenous for Sabah & Sarawak) therefore his/her children are Bumiputeras. Credits in Bahasa Melayu at SPM/SPMV level.
2.    Never been financed by any scholarship bodies at the same education level. Students whose scholarships have been terminated by any sponsor may apply for MARA financial assistance a year after the termination, with the condition that the students have to bear all expenses for that year and obtain excellent results.
3.    Institutions of higher learning recognized by the Malaysian Government or private institutions of higher learning are recognized by the Private Education Division, Ministry of Education.
4.    Meet age requirements as follows:
                    i.        Programs for SPM school leavers – 19 years and below
                   ii.        First degree – not exceeding 30 years old
                  iii.        Master's degree/Medicine/Dentistry Specialization - not exceeding 40 years old
                 iv.        Doctor of Philosophy (phD) – not exceeding 45 years old
5.    Currently undergo courses that are of great importance to MARA.
6.    Free from any contracts or paid leave from employers while studying except for Medical Specialization courses (For each program sponsored, there will be other specific requirements relevant to such programs)
7.    The Socio Economic status of the family where the annual taxable joint income of the parents or spouses must not exceed RM80,000.
Scholarship Terms and Conditions
  1. Malaysian citizens.
  2. Athletes that still active in any kind of sports(excluding officers and Trainers).
  3. Must have participated in spot activities representing states at school level-Majlis Sukan sekolah-Sekolah Malaysia (MSSM) or representing the Country at national level-Sukan Malaysia(Sukma).
  4. Granted a placing in local Universities or Higher Education Institution sanctioned by the Government.
  5. Must be fit mentally and physically.
Loan for studying in physiotherapy field if no scholarship is offer:
The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)
Scholarship Terms and Conditions
·         Malaysian citizens;
·         Not exceeding 45 years of age on date of application;
·         Passed Malaysia Certificate of Education (SPM) with credits in any 3 subjects;
·         Passed SPM for Community College Certificate and Polytechnic Diploma graduates with CGPA 3.0 and above;
·         IPTA/IPTS/Polytechnic students must register to pursue courses approved by the IPT Management Department (IPTA/IPTS)/Polytechnic Management Department and Community College of the Ministry of Higher Education;
·         IPTS students must obtained the Accreditation Certificate from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The course and Accreditation Certificate approval period must still be valid on the date of application;
·         All students must possess entry requirements determined by the Ministry of Higher Education to pursue the course. For students with qualifications that differ from that stipulated, verification that the said qualification is equivalent to the required qualification must be obtained from departments or agencies specified as above;
·         The remaining period of study upon application must exceed one year;
·         PTPTN loans require two (2) guarantors that must consist of biological father and mother of student regardless of the parents age and income;
·         From 18th May 2009 onwards, SSPN saving terms for PTPTN loans application will be discontinued;
·         Have no other sponsor; and
·         Loan overall total must not exceed RM65,000.00

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